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VirnetX Announces Technology to Automatically Secure Private Data and Content Shared Across Next-generation Networks

By April 1, 2008Press Releases

GABRIEL Connection Technology for Seamless Authentication and Automatic Encryption To Safeguard Information Sent over P2P, IM and VoIP Networks

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. – April 1, 2008 – VirnetX Holding Corporation, (AMEX: VHC), a secure real-time communications technology company, today announced the company’s GABRIEL Connection Technology™ for securing private data and content shared across next-generation networks, such as Web 2.0, peer-to-peer (P2P) networks, VoIP, unified communications and collaboration software applications.

VirnetX’s GABRIEL Connection Technology allows for secure across-the-network verification using its unique combination of cryptographic certified domain names, computer network addresses and public keys. GABRIEL Connection Technology allows for the creation of hardware or software solutions based on a foundational security platform with automatic link initiations and seamless management of new registration services. This enables ubiquitous, secure unified communications between any combination of devices, operating systems, software applications and even connecting sensors. Businesses can capitalize on this technology by getting a new secure domain name or “invisible security” that will provide them with a major competitive advantage in the marketplace.

“The GABRIEL Connection Technology makes secure real-time communications seamless, automatic and transparent, and it fits everyone’s needs,” said Kendall Larsen, president and CEO of VirnetX. “As the popularity of file sharing and unified communications applications rise, networks now need to defend their data faster and more broadly, reduce ongoing management costs, and be flexible enough to meet evolving communications needs.”

John Cronin, managing director and chairman of ipCapital Group, added, “In my 25 years as an inventor and specialist at ipCapital Group, evaluating patents for over 1,000 different technologies, VirnetX’s IP has just about the broadest and most foundational inventions I have ever seen.” Cronin continued, “VirnetX’s core competencies that went into GABRIEL Connection Technology required a very unique set of skills in software, messaging, networking, encryption, business models and even military tactics for security. I am confident that the GABRIEL Connection Technology can broadly apply to many different business models that require enhanced security over the open areas of the Internet.”

The GABRIEL Connection Technology is based on inventions that use a domain name system (DNS) to automatically facilitate the receiving of domain names and the creation of query message infrastructure, creating a cryptographically signed transparent VPN. These fundamental inventions are covered by broad and basic patents that enable a secure connection between two disparate computer devices at various levels of domain name messaging, VPN parameter signing, automatic initiation, communication and connection negotiation. It also automatically links online databases connected to telecommunications.

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VirnetX Holding Corporation, a leader in secure real-time communications and collaboration technology, is engaged in commercializing its patent portfolio by developing a licensing program, as well as developing software products designed to create a secure environment for real-time communications such as instant messaging and Voice over Internet Protocol. For more information, visit

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