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The VirnetX One™ Secure Communication Platform gives you full control and protection of your organization’s sensitive information and intellectual property. Gain visibility into how information is being used, who’s accessing it and where it’s going.

VirnetX One Secure Communication Platform

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) enables private, encrypted networks between your users and devices.
Reduced Attack Surface
Reduces the attack surface for your infrastructure, applications, users and devices using private networks removed from the public internet. Secure data, networked applications and seamlessly integrate security directly into your services.
Visibility Into Cloud Services
Protect and control information in the cloud and seamlessly scale security along with growth. Control access, gain visibility and apply dynamic policies for securing your remote workforce.
Trusted Access
Automatically and cryptographically enforces user access rules using application and data policies. Manage access to critical data with minimal overhead, apply access policies in real-time and easily understand who has access to your information.
Security Partner
The VirnetX One Secure Communication Platform is easy to install, operate and manage across your organization. Secure your remote workforce and meet legal and regulatory compliance requirements.


Control user and device access to specific applications and services located in the cloud or on-premise.
VirnetX’s Secure VirnetX Matrix™ offers network level security, cloud scalability and granular access controls to the applications and services your remote workforce needs to get work done, without exposing your entire network. VirnetX operates without exposing your application or service to the public internet and allows you to keep firewall ports closed.
Secure Any Application or Service

Secure Any Application or Service

Make applications invisible and secure them behind VirnetX’s VPN technology without affecting their current deployment.
The VirnetX One Security Platform operates at the network layer allowing clients to secure any type of application or service including HTTPS, HTTP, RDP, VNC and SSH. VirnetX works with the standard networking tools, applications and libraries you’re familiar using and requires minimal changes to your workflow and applications to integrate. Our customers use VirnetX to secure a wide range of applications including web apps, remote desktop (RDP) sessions and open-source software.

Security at the Edge

VirnetX clients are installed both on employee devices and close to the services to enable end-to-end security and protection of your data.
Securing devices, services and applications at the edge allows VirnetX to grant precise user access and unlike the traditional corporate VPN exposes only the data and applications that are necessary for that user. The VirnetX One client is cross-platform and runs on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux.

Secure Collaboration

Provide limited, secure access to applications and information to partners and contractors.
Easily extend temporary secure data access to partners and contractors to facilitate collaboration. Provide access to just the information that’s needed, understand how the information is being used and gain visibility into where the information is going.

Build on a Secure Foundation

Zero trust access to the applications and services your remote workforce needs to work from anywhere.
Easily deploy zero trust access and network segmentation using VirnetX. Secure HTTPS, HTTP, RDP, VNC AND SSH applications and services that reside in the cloud or on-premise. Isolate infrastructure using a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) to completely remove visibility of your applications from the Internet.
Secure Gateway

VirnetX Matrix™

Easily create a virtual private network (VPN) to secure your Internet accessible communications.
  • VPN technology to secure web applications
  • Secure any device or platform
  • Approve devices to access company applications
  • Security, management and access control
secure domains

Secure Domain Names

Use Secure Domain Names to authorize network connections with users and devices.
Once communication is authorized, the Secure Domain Name is resolved to a private IP address enabling point-to-point, encrypted communications between users and devices.