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Join our trusted network of partners and offer VirnetX solutions to your customers.

VirnetX Solutions

Resellers and Managed Service Providers (MSP) are offering VirnetX’s Security Platform, Secure Domain technology and Collaboration Suite to their customers.


Secure Infrastructure

VirnetX solutions provides security and compliance benefits that enhance your existing product offerings.

Grow Your Business

Offer VirnetX products and services to add value to your customers and generate new revenue streams.


VirnetX products can be integrated into existing network architectures and products to enhance security.

“The cyber-attacks on healthcare and cities happening today are unprecedented. Our team understands that many healthcare enterprises and local governments have limited resources and need effective security protection at a reasonable cost to prevent these cyber-attacks. That’s why we are excited to offer VirnetX’s products that enable Zero Trust technology and work with existing networks to protect these targeted sectors.”

- Steve Bouck, Solution Synergy Principal and Founder

Partner Spotlight

“Solution Synergy founder Steve Bouck is a proven, award-winning healthcare executive and a Fellow of HIMSS, who brings a wealth of healthcare sales leadership experience encompassing nearly 40 years, and a broad spectrum of healthcare IT technology expertise for the entire healthcare market and other industries such as state and local governments.”
- Kendall Larsen, VirnetX CEO and President

Meet Our Amazing Partners

Learn how our Partners are leveraging VirnetX technology to provide security solutions.

above par advisors logo


Above Par Advisors is a Strategy & Innovation Design Consulting Firm helping C-level executives take on their most difficult business challenges. Our team comprised of experts in Health Care, Technology, Global Finance and other key verticals, have worked for over 100 Foreign Governments, the Fortune 25, and mid-market specialists.

solution synergy logo


Solution Synergy is a U.S. based Cybersecurity firm that continually seeks out, identifies, and evaluates emerging cyber security technologies to proactively protect their client organizations from cyber-attacks. Our goal is to help clients “Do More with Less”. We specialize in healthcare, Government and higher education markets, and welcome clients of all sizes, big or small.


In today's current state of affairs we read every day about data breaches. These breaches cost nations, corporations, and small businesses billions of dollars in damage control. At Blacksite, we focus on future proofing your organization through advanced technology platforms that protect your data and communications in real time.


Our goal is simple; leverage our industry experience and partner relationships to provide quality IT security, managed IoT security solutions, services, security modules and logistics at a competitive price. We take pride in proactively supporting our partners through engineering, design, marketing, and sales support.

ip dream logo


Based on our slogan “Always target the global market”, IP Dream Inc. aims to offer the IT services demanded in the global market to continuously help information workers achieve greater heights. We have a truly global vision and footprint. Our broad range of services and technologies are architected to be modular and flexible to meet the specific demands of each market with custom solutions.

titan commerce logo


TITAN Commerce Continental Services GmbH is your professional partner in the marketing of international products in the European, Eastern European and African markets with the main focus on network technology for professional users.

wesecure logo


WeSecure is a Leading Cyber and Physical Security Solutions Provider in the U.S., Canada and the Middle East. WeSecure implements a Zero Trust Security Model for open-source software and applications as a Secure Gateway using the VirnetX One(TM) family of products, War Room(TM) and VirnetX Matrix(TM). This offers another layer of unparalleled protection and security to businesses and homes to defend against cyberattacks.

zeleration logo


Zeleration Technology is a Managed Service Provider that manages high-value targets’ security expectations, focusing on communications privacy across organizational boundaries. We demonstrate, design, and implement Dynamic Zero Trust Networking, including multi-tiered encryption and multi-layered security powered by VirnetX One. Zeleration provides complementary Personalized Demonstrations, Business Use Cases, and a Proof-of-Concept Environment on

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