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VirnetX and Zeleration Technology Forge Strategic Partnership to Elevate Privacy in Online Communications

By September 19, 2023September 21st, 2023Press Releases

ZEPHYR COVE, Nev.Sept. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — VirnetX Holding Corporation (NYSE: VHC) today announced it has signed a non-exclusive agreement with Zeleration Technology, creating a new partnership for the sale, integration, and support of VirnetX’s Cybersecurity and Secure Communication Solutions, within Zeleration’s ecosystem, first catering to businesses in consulting, finance, accounting, and law.

“We are pleased that Zeleration recognizes the unique privacy benefits of VirnetX War Room and the robust security delivered by the VirnetX One Security Platform. We look forward to collaborating more with them,” said Kendall Larsen, VirnetX CEO and President.

Zeleration’s Founding Partner, Justin Higgins, emphasized the critical distinction between meeting privacy and security, particularly for web-based meetings that cross organizational boundaries.

He explained, “Conventional video conferencing and collaboration tools can’t assure absolute privacy because they lack the Zero Trust Principles and Architecture VirnetX provides. VirnetX War Room assures meeting privacy, and their technology seamlessly creates a Zero Trust Network across organizational boundaries, on multiple devices, and operating systems.”

Kim LeBlanc, Zeleration’s Director of Engineering, added, “In the past, absolute privacy required a hardened network between all devices; these are expensive and difficult to maintain. VirnetX War Room solved this problem through Virtual Network Exchanges and Dynamic Zero Trust Networking. VirnetX technology automates complex cryptography, and their patented Secure Domain Name Services (SDNS) technology makes even sophisticated attacker surveillance impractical”.

Higgins concluded, ” If your meetings or communications can be monetized by others, then you are a high-value target, and should check out It includes product comparison videos, use cases, complimentary one-on-one War Room meetings, personalized demos, and proof-of-concept programs for your business.”

About VirnetX

VirnetX Holding Corporation is an Internet security software and technology company with patented technology for Zero Trust Network Access (“ZTNA”) based secure network communications. VirnetX’s software and technology solutions, including its Secure Domain Name Registry and Technology, VirnetX One™, VirnetX War Room™, VirnetX Matrix™, and Gabriel Connection Technology™, are designed to be device and location-independent and enable a secure real-time communication environment for all types of enterprise applications, services, and critical infrastructures. The Company’s patent portfolio includes over 200 U.S. and foreign-granted patents, validations, and pending applications. For more information, please visit

About Zeleration Technology

For over 22 years, Zeleration has made advanced technology and security accessible and affordable for hundreds of professional services in the Tri-state area. Zeleration’s software stack supports thousands of desktops with the latest proven technologies and industry best practices without requiring extensive in-house resources or costly mistakes. For more information, please visit

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