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VirnetX’s Matrix Secures The Remote Workforce

By February 13, 2023February 15th, 2023Press Releases


robert dickerson

Listen here:

Robert Dickerson, the Director of Product Innovation and Strategy at VirnetX™ Holding Corporation (NYSE: VHC), an Internet security software and technology company joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Robert Dickerson discuss the following:

  1. Who is VirnetX and how does the company differentiate from competitors?
  2. Can you tell us about Matrix by delving into the product’s key features and benefits?
  3. Who are VirnetX’s ideal customers and target market?
  4. Today’s remote workforce is vulnerable. What are some best practices you recommend that can combat threats that are plaguing enterprises today?
  5. As enterprises and corporations evaluate video conferencing solutions, what are some features they should consider at the top of mind?
  6. Any key tips and takeaways that you’d like to provide our listeners tuning in today?

Robert Dickerson is the Director of Product Innovation and Strategy at VirnetX.  He is responsible for driving product innovation and executing product initiatives to create security solutions for our customers. Robert is an experienced executive, entrepreneur, product manager and engineer with over 20 years of experience turning innovative ideas into products.  He has a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Virginia Tech.