Our products patented technology, originally developed for the U.S. Intelligence community, provides private, secure communications and encrypted data protection while communicating over the Internet.
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Use a full color logo on a white background whenever possible. The logo can be used full color on lighter backgrounds and full color or monochrome on darker backgrounds. The logo should not be altered.

The Gabriel lock icon may be used by itself if the full Gabriel logo has been previously used.

The logo should never be used on colored, gradient or patterned backgrounds.


Keep at least one "X" worth of space between the logotype and surrounding elements.

General Guidelines
  • Maintain a clear space around each logo.
  • Use a full color product logo on a white background whenever possible.
  • The product logo(s) and partnership logos should be the same visual size.
  • The product logo(s) should not be altered.
  • All product logo executions must be submitted to VirnetX for approval.
Approved Description/Tag Lines
  • Secured by Gabriel Secure Communications
  • Protected by Gabriel Secure Communications
  • Powered by Gabriel Secure Communications
  • You Can't Hack What You Can't See
  • You Can't Attack What You Can't See
  • You Can't Steal What You Can't See