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Gabriel Release Notes

Gabriel Version 7.521

By May 26, 2020November 14th, 2021No Comments
Linux 7.522 14a8fafa9f
  • Improved the behavior of the “busy” signal in Secure Calls
  • On macOS, moved away from using deprecated kernel extensions (KEXT) for the tun device
  • On Windows, improved the efficiency of firewall rule management
  • On the Gabriel user interface:
    • Added the ability for a user to switch default servers when accepting a Domain Server invite
    • Improved the user experience with filtering names in the friends list
    • Added new back-tick (“, `) notation for sharing quotes & code blocks in Secure Messages
    • Added new ‘smoke’ theme
    • Fixed a caching bug with the beta “inline images” feature.
    • In Secure Mail, fixed a bug on Android where draft messages contained HTML characters
  • Many other performance improvements and bug fixes