Our technology, including Gabriel Connection Technology™, our secure domain name registry, and our patents are designed to secure all types of real-time communications over the Internet. Our patented Gabriel Connection Technology™ combines industry standard encryption protocols with our patented techniques for automated DNS lookup mechanisms, enabling users to create a secure communication link using secure domain names. Our technology can be built into network infrastructure, operating systems or silicon chips developed for a communication or computing device to secure real-time communications over the Internet between any number of devices. Our technology automatically encrypts data allowing organizations and individuals to establish communities of secure, registered users and transmit information between multiple devices, networks and operating systems. These secure network communities, which we call secure private domains, or SPDs, are designed to be fully-customizable and support rich content applications such as IM, VoIP, mobile services, streaming video, file transfer and remote desktop in a secure environment. Our approach is a unique and patented solution that provides the robust security platform required by these rich content applications and real-time communications over the Internet.

VirnetX Technology Landscape

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The key benefits and features of our technology include the following:

  • Automatic and seamless to the user. After a one-time registration, users connect securely on a “zero-click” or “single-click” basis.
  • Secure data communications. Users create secure networks with people they trust and communicate over a secure channel.
  • Control of data at all times. Users can secure and customize their unified communication and collaboration applications such as file sharing and remote desktop with policy-based access and secure presence information.
  • Authenticated users. Users know they are communicating with authenticated users with secure domain names.
  • Application-agnostic technology. Our solution provides security at the IP layer of the network by using patented techniques for automated DNS lookup mechanisms to make connections between secure domain names, thereby obviating the need to provide application specific security.